[Poetry] Getting Rid of The Country

Someone out there,
Says the countryside is fine and fair,
But not me, I am all alone here, deeply disgruntled!

But then I think I deserve it all,
All the hate, all the frustrations, all the gall,
That I feel inside, for I prefer being lazy and settled!

The bushes, the forests NOT what I am after,
Large trees I hate to pass by, though they offer birds shelter,
Don't! I just don't wanna live here anymore, nettled!

For the buses, the chaos, the hustle bustle,
Are what attract me, love to see damsels in trouble,
Love the confusion, that's where I wanna get settled!

But then I think I deserve it all,
For have I ever been industrious, in summer or fall?
So I guess I must remain in this ****ass country all life, nestled!

Was offered a job at a mall but declined,
Was told by mom to 'WORK! EARN!' but I reclined,
Who else can I blame then, for living here, scuttled?

Peace and quiet do not belong to my taste,
But this is where my home is, where I must rest,
Or I have the choice to live on city's sidewalk, unsettled!

[Poetry] Writing For NanoWrimo

Going to write again for Nanowrimo,
For writing is my affliction.
My aim is to become an indie-author-supremo,
Am in need of some motivation.

My next could be a comedy,
Or it could be something full of action.
What would it be would it be, I know not,
All I know is I need some motivation.

It could be the next masterpiece,
Or to the enormous filth just another addition.
Doubtful that the outcome is in my hands,
But I DO know I need some motivation.

So many join it, with so much great hope,
But how many can make it ever to completion?
I would rather not be in that group o friend,
That's why I need some motivation!

So send me your attaboys now if you will,
Help me with a few words of appreciation.
For every drop in the bucket counts my friend,
The least I expect from you is some motivation!

[Poetry] Daisy

Hello Daisy,
What worries ye?
Take it easy,
Oh, let's see what is it that engages your eye!

Oh Daisy, my sweet and charming Daisy,
Black, White, Green, And...I know how choosy are ye!
Perusing all those fifty different shades, so actively?
Let's see...ah, I see you have chosen your fav as grey!

Remember those days, when I got up early to meet ya?
I admired you so much, in that polka-dotted red frock.
You'd come oh so late, chat few moments, and say 'Cya!'
Did I ever knew it hid a heart so black?

You never cared for nobody, what worry can you have now?
You, always so bejeweled, one could hardly see the skin!
How else could I be defrauded, by mind so shallow,
And thoughts so thin?

Daisy, Oh Daisy, had I not been such a fool -
Had I not been such an awful sissy,
One who was always at your beck and call -
Might have I known then, seduction is so easy-peasy!

Even if not Beautiful, even if not Unearthly,
Had I been so Dominating, so Grey,
Had I used you, and abused you, the way you did to me,
Could you O Daisy leave me then so easy?

Farewell to you o heartless witch,
Fairer maidens are they whose inner charm hold the sway!
Know ye, it takes but little to make a heart switch,
While you ponder upon your storybook wedding day, I am on my sweeter way...

[Poetry] The Blind Can See

The glamour of a string of pearls,
Or the fine lines of a tree birch,
What are they to a man who's lost his eyes?
They are all but same!

Seen a blind fella on the street?
Why would you trouble yourself to describe,
The effervescence of the nature around?
When you think it'd be so lame?

Do you honestly think the blind is any less than you?
Can you feel your way up to nickels and dimes?
Enjoy music the way they do?
Do you still think being blind is such a shame?

Does the olive that give peace have eyes?
Can the sunshine and rainwater that nourish you,
Or the cave salamander of slender frame?

If powers make a man,
If eyes are not the most powerful sense we have,
Then the blind have far greater powers to claim,
Being a blind is no shame!

[Poetry] Asking Her Out

I asked.
She said No.

Talked to her on Facebook,
She said No.

Shook hands with her buddies,
Befriended her mamma,
But from her it was still a No.

She grumbled,
And said No.

She thanked me for the bouquet,
But still said No.

Called her day and night
Mailed her every fortnight,
But from her it was still a big No.

Then she writes back to apologize,
But it is still a No!

Ah well, I should have gotten the message,
That was loud and clear,
When Michelle had said No!