[Poetry] Questions For The Universe

Why is this journey of life so ABSURD?
Why do we meet people we don’t want to meet?
And never or seldom meet those we so much yarn to?
Is life CONTROLLED by us or you?

Is it being part of a happy gang because we have none of our own?
What is SADNESS?
Is it wailing alone locked up because we have no one to share it with?

Are the strings of our life in your hands?
Is life CONTROLLED by you and only you?
If so then why do we hold others responsible for our happiness or misery?
When any of it was never in their hands or ours?

If this be the meaning of life and the real essence of living;
If we are fated to walk or crash in this world only by YOUR will;
Then how is such a life worth living?
Then what is it worth at all even if the whole world lies at our feet?

P.S.: I found the answers here.

[Poetry] She Is A Dancer

She is a dancer,
She will make you dance.
Whenever she is part of a troupe,
The other preened peacocks lose their sheen.
You watch her dance once,
You will know what I mean.

The way she shakes her slender waist,
So swift;
The motion she makes while twirling her arms,
Just effortless; her eyes hypnotic and clean.
You watch her dance once,
You will know what I mean.

Each step she takes, each arm twist she makes,
Each smile she produces, is gonna put you in trance;
She possesses the most curvaceous bod I know,
Yet she is so nice to all and never mean.
You watch her dance once,
You will know what I mean.

If I had owned all time, I would do nothing,
But watch her dance;
Her dances are a treat for a gentleman,
Or even a rough philistine.
You watch her dance once,
You will know what I mean.

Her eyes lit up when she puts her limbs forward;
She seems happiest when she is belly shaking;
At other times she is just a quiet mystery,
With her eyes downcast like a shy teen.
You watch her dance once,
You will know what I mean.

She won't let you stay still,
She will make you dance.
Only time I feel low and itchy is when I see her,
Swinging happily in the arms of just another Big Dick;
If I could just lift her once with that ease, swing her around,
That would make me…one COMPLETE man.

Once you watch her dance,
You will agree with what I mean.

[Poetry] Confused Man and Empowered Woman

Confused Man and Empowered Woman
How My Guruji Guided A Newly Made, Confused Dad

(Note: For the uninitiated, in India a spiritual leader is often called a 'Guru' or more venerably, 'Guruji')

She shrieked for forty eight hours straight
And it was equally painful for me;
Then they said a boy has been delivered,
That I may go inside and see.
Confused and uncertain of what to do next;
For I was not ready to be a dad yet;
I put my slow steps inside the labor room;
The wife had her eyes shut.

Gently I shook her up,
'Hey dear,' said I, with a fake happy smile;
She said that for all the time I had fun with her in bed,
It has been worthwhile.
'You'll be a good mom, you'll take good care of him,'
Said I to make her happy;
Said she, 'No time to be mom, going gym to get my curves back;
You change the baby's nappy.'

Had I ever changed my own nappy to do it now for baby?
Maybe Guruji can help;
Bought some gutkha to chew and hurried off to ashram;
Guruji got up with a loud yelp.
I asked, 'He pulls my chest hair and my ear;
How can I teach him to respect me?'
'What to speak of innocent babies;
Even I don't respect gutkha chewers,' snarked Guruji.

'I have never been a parent,' rued I,
'Can you teach me how to be one?'
'The way you learned to procreate,' said he,
'You will also learn to be a dad soon;
But anxious and worried as you seem,
You'd teach him nothing but anxiety,' he fumed.
He paused to take a sniff from his snuffbox,
Exclaimed a deep sense of thrill, then resumed.

'So you say you are a new dad;
Have you thought about how to bring him up?'
'I will give him good education Guruji;
Make him what I couldn't be: a man of medicine.'
Guruji looked at me with some vexation
And inhaled a heavier dose of snuff;
Then he smiled, 'With a dad like you around,
Bringing up a child is really tough.'

Then he uttered it all in one breath:
A feat only Guruji can be capable of;
'Hear o friend, you came before him,
So you could teach, protect and guide him thereof;
The child is not your property,
So you have no right to force or dominate him;
Stop seeking respect and learn to love him,
While your wife goes away to gym.'

[Poetry] The One

I saunter the streets with swagger all night;
Even give in to cockblockers without a fight;
Looking at the half-skirts is so much a delight;
But who is THE one, I don't know.

Bars and tables I don't ever skip;
They say, 'Yay sir, do you want a sip?';
And they say, 'Can't sit here, 'tis reserved for the hip';
Who's THE one meant for me, I don't know.

Skirts with hairy arms around are regular;
Skirts sitting alone on table but very rare;
I can only get a singles' table and a chair;
For if I will ever have THE one, I don't know.

Is she the 'soulmate', is she 'true love';
Will I find her online or in mangrove;
Friendzone has been my only ladylove;
Who's THE one who won't do that to me, I don't know.

Heaven knows who might be those who get to cum;
Hey still you can count on swiggy and a bottle of rum;
Will I get to enjoy such treats when I get the bum?
That's something well, I certainly don't know.

[Poetry] The Past Catches Up With You

Leaves fall in autumn, does the tree ever count its fallen leaves?
But the humans do.
You want to turn a new leaf, grow a new skin, promise to live a better life,
Yet your past catches up with you.

It is the real world, they will complain, condemn, want to be your master,
Yet you must look beyond the horizon, conquer your fear.
The sun rises every day after it sets and you have another day to live,
You choose whether to live in fear or wonder.

When flowers bloom in spring, butterflies judge a flower by its color;
Just as the humans do.
You had blood on your hands, battled your demons, you won the war,
Yet your past catches up with you.

It is an insane world, they will want to point fingers at you loud and clear,
Yet you must look beyond the horizon, conquer your fear.
The sun rises every day after it sets and you have another day to live,
You choose whether to live in fear or wonder.

Few good thoughts and a few good friends, what else is needed for satisfaction?
But we the humans do.
You had your happy castle and it crumbled, you thought you could build a new one,
Still your past catches up with you.

It is a sorry world, they will pick your past from where you have left it;
Still you must look beyond the horizon, conquer your fear.
The sun rises every day after it sets and you still have another day to live,
Your choice: whether to live in fear or wonder.

A clean state, a blank canvas is what you need to build your new future;
Let them count your past mistakes, try to paint your life with their chosen color;
Who else but only you have a say of how you must live life from now on,
The past will always try to catch up with you, yet you can still run faster.

[Poetry] Mamma, Your Boy's Down

Mamma, your boy is well,
He is calm and he's swell;
A real gift from God,
You made him, won't you take him abode?

"Doesn't he pull anyone's ears anymore?
Doesn't he push anybody down?
Do your kids still call him 'ape-eared'?
Do they still treat him as dull?

He ain't a gift, but he is my boy still,
I will take him back when I FEEL."

Mamma, your flesh and blood, so playful,
Waiting for you to get him, real sweet angel;
He is mellow now - don't you love him?
You made him, won't you take him home?

"Thought I'd have a sweet little baby.
Thought I was blessed I had him;
I wish I had got my womb scrutinized,
I wish I had not had him and gone for the kill.

I am no fool and he ain't no gift,
But he is my boy and will take him when I FEEL."

He cries - 'Mamma! Won't I get her love?'
Don't you believe in heaven above?
God blessed you with such a sweet angel,
You HAD him, you MUST take him to your domicile.

"Why such hurry? Your job's not done yet,
You said you'd keep him for forty weeks,
It's not even ten yet - why the hurry?
He is calm and sweet as angel, so what's the big deal?

I KNOW he ain't a gift, but he is my boy still,
I will take him back ONLY when I FEEL."

He pulls my boy's ears, gets his snot-nose hit in turn,
Snores badly at night, kills our sleep;
That little devil plucks every flower in my garden,
You made him, why the hell not take him to your haven?

He grabs my girl's braids as if his toys,
Swirls her round as if his play;
That hellion's plucked so much of my flowers and hair,
Mamma your boy's down, you MUST take him to your lair!

"Then your job's not done yet,
Love him, love him more, he needs you;
Ignore his little pranks and quirks,
He is angel after all, a gift from God, as you say with zeal.

I do know he ain't an angel, but he is my boy still,
Here I hang up but will sure take him back if I FEEL."

[Poetry] Exam Fever

Hello, are you thinking something?
Are you anxious?
Are you looking out of the window?
Are you suffering from the exam fever?

The proctor enters the room
Mumbling a few swear words,
You learn something new, you're excited now
More than you ever were when reading your books.

That to and fro pacing of the proctor
Makes your heart beat and thump,
Your hands move, you look at the window
But your feet tie you back to the room.

There is no use of these futile exercises
There is no use even passing one of these,
You will remain the same as you're now
Until life becomes your teacher.

When I was a child and the exam season approached
My two hands shook, as if cold,
My head ached and my heart pounded endlessly
I thought I had a fever!

When I was a child like you
I used to be immersed in a sea of books,
Now I feel I'd learned nothing back then
And I know so much more now.

I know so much more about life as I lived it
I know more than from those petty school books,
I can explain it, you will not understand
That knowledge is not to be found in your textbooks.

How can they teach you anything anyway?
By cooping you into those four walls,
When your mind is flowing out of the window
Looking out for a quick escape?

[Poetry] The New Me

Today I feel like a new me arisen from old rubble
Of all the evil and abuse I underwent;
The fast lanes of life's changed me,
I am living life anew, going through the motions

When the going got tough and tougher,
I said,
'I will turn me now,

The trollings, the bashings
On Twitter or Facebook;
Shake me no more,
This is the new me, I can't be bothered.

My ex-half posted pictures online
Of our most sacred intimacy;
To get even with me, or so I thought,
The person I'd loved once, can be so heartless?

When the going got tough and tougher,
I said,
'I will turn me now,

That spouse who never cared
That person who left me for someone new
What care did that half have for me then?
Why should I care about that half now?

I write few lines now at night
Got a new day job to do - a fight;
But I know I am happier now,
Got my old feelings back - for somebody new.

Like the old banyan trunk, mature and strong
That cannot be moved or bent;
I too have gotten thick-skinned now, my bones stronger,
You can't criticize me no more, move me to tears!

I am no more vulnerable as I was
No more I wear my emotions on my face;
Life is all about moving on, I've learned,
This is the new me - the old me is dead now.

When the going gets tough again,
I said,
'I will turn me now,

[Poetry] Cathy

In this world of discord and disorder;
Full of rotten souls and queer misdemeanor;
I'm walking through the mid road of aging,
You are the kind that gives me a buoyant feeling.

Old I maybe, I know you are young;
But it's your name that's always on my tongue;
The tingle I feel when you smile, touch my hair,
Is it what they call love, or an unreal affair?

I try, but can't hold back my feelings for you;
Won't you tell me how you feel? Give me a clue;
Been through so much, had lost my feelings almost;
A walking shadow, heart cold as frost.

Is my love for you a dream? But you look real;
What're these paralyzing emotions for you I feel?
You're one I can't ignore,
Can't hold back my feelings for you, no, not anymore.

Your heart is still young, world's new for you
Mine's gotten decrepit, I'm drowning in ocean blue;
O Cathy, won't you tell me? What do I do?
For I just can't get over my feelings for you.

With you I wanna spend my life, it's so true;
Even if this love be a dream, my heart is now with you;
I pledge my true devotion to you, till death do us part,
If I can't have you, will you give me back my heart?

[Poetry] What's in Your Cup?

[Please Ask Later]

I called, PAL A, 'What are you drinking tonight?'
HE said, 'Café au lait', with much delight.
He said he'd gone to her woman's,
On an invite.

I took out my bottle,
Found it empty
Ran toward the kitchen then,
To turn on the faucet and get a fill!

Called PAL B then, 'What occupies your cup tonight?'
She said, 'Shroom juice, to make myself reignite!'
She said she'd gone to her man's,
And was staying there overnight.

I wonder why not get a little of that juice,
Let myself a little loose?
But here I am, standing and thinking,
My bottle is filling still!

Called my step Pa at last, 'What's in your cup tonight?'
'Green tea son. Are ya alright?'
He hung up, without waiting for my answer,
I thought this conversation was most trite!

Checked my cabinets, there was neither tea nor coffee,
Should I ask my Pa in that other house, should I plea?
My bottle started overflowing then, saltless and tasteless sink water,
I am drinking it now, what else could there be for me?