[Poetry] Free My Soul

Dear sky, open your bosom;
And receive my soul from earth;
I feel trapped inside a lifeline;
Which has neither joy nor mirth.

They say a soul chooses its lifeline;
But how can mine choose a life,
With no wealth, no support, no love,
No partner or friend except endless strife?

Am tired of pretending all is right;
My soul must have made a mistake;
Day in day out I meet more apathetic souls;
They and I fake smiles that look so fake.

Each night as I try to sleep, I dream,
Gulping pills together to free my soul -
From this bondage, with the soul rising up;
To blend with the higher light, its goal.

This night, let this dream come true;
Help me find pills that'd set my soul free;
Let an angel enter and be my guide;
And you sky open its bosom for me.

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