[Poetry] Attack of The Wolf

[The background: I used to live in a metro where I found both wolves and jackals. The wolves were the 'fraudsters' who were after my money (the so called 'life coaches' or 'mentors'] and the jackals were their 'followers' or ‘chamchas’ who pretended to be my friend and having my best interest in their heart: just to gain my trust and grab my money. Sometimes the 'wolf' and 'jackal' were even buddies! I chose to move away from that city eventually…keeping my best interests in heart]

One poor little heart, living in forest;
Faced once a pack of wolves with bare teeth;
How to survive this quandary;
How not to encounter imminent death?

All of them poised to pounce;
Some from front others from side;
If I look at them they growl more;
Why they want me, while field is open wide?

Two jackals from behind, pierce through;
They come to me, to cajole me;
Saying ‘the wolves are no threat,
But are here to help and protect thee.'

I followed what my own instinct said:
'Neither jackal nor wolf is a friend;
A better place awaits you, far from here.'
Moving away there is what I intend.

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