[Poetry] Why Can’t I Get A Soulmate?

You know a strange thing happened. I was commenting on a video where a couple got married after meeting on Facebook. At first I commented, 'Love exists...in some corner of the earth...Very difficult to find.' then I just wrote a poem but it does not seem like i have written it, rather it seems like someone manipulated my hand and made me write it.

I met a wise old monk once;
I asked him, ‘Does true love exist?’
He smiled and said ‘Yes.’
I was rather surprised.

‘Why then I find love so elusive?
Why can’t I get a soulmate?
I find it difficult to find even one;
While close my friend has five.’

‘How is having five proof of love?
Ever asked him if those five love him?
Or does he love any of them?
Is he happy – have you asked him?

Love is a lot like the sand you hold;
Try holding five different kinds of sand;
They will all slip if you try hard and squeeze;
But will remain if you keep your palms open.

When you compare yourself with others;
You force yourself to become them;
You are not him so don’t compare;
Keep palms open for true love to enter.

One day you will definitely realize;
That no other person can love you;
The way you can love yourself;
That you are your own true soulmate.’

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