[Poetry] Go With the Flow

In writing and singing I am pro;
In dancing I am a big zero;
I know I can’t ever be a superhero;
So I just let go, go with the flow.

If you want, time can go waste;
Of others you can make jest;
I prefer to strengthen my chest;
Go with flow, do what I know best.

In life there is pain and pleasure;
Present time is your only treasure;
Get your past and future to measure;
Realize in your mind is all the pressure.

[Poetry] Dark Cave

In this dark cave I have lived my lonely life;
Only gateway to the world is a tiny door;
It was too small for me to let me outside;
Lonely life with my ant friends I live here.

I always saw people laughing outside;
Smiling, drinking and partying, as I could see;
I screamed for help, 'Get me outta here!';
So many hands flying outside, none for me.

On the verge of losing faith in humanity -
My ant friends been working day and night;
But they ain't enough to make this door -
Big enough to let me out, so I thought.

One day I was awakened by a light bigger;
I felt as though the sun's shone brighter;
Then I realized finally I could get out;
And all thanks to my tiny ants' vigor.

I felt silly and lonely outside even more;
Not one real soul here I can reach and talk to;
Met people icier than ice, emptier than balloons;
Dark cave is where I then buried myself into.

[Poetry] I Want MORE Sugar

My friend, what is life without some sweetness?
I love sugar, a bit more than most of my friends;
I love sugar, a bit more than the society I live in;
I want sugar, for I don’t wanna live a bitter life;
I love sugar, and a little MORE sugar causes no harm;
Gulping in sugar since a kid, I don’t want a sugarless life.

Sugar is what makes life worth living for me;
Sugar is quite cheap here as far as I know;
Yet why people are so tight-fisted about it, I dunno.
That every time I hop into some café and order coffee;
I have to shout ‘I Want MORE sugar’;
And they give me the kind of look as if I am an alien!

If only people worried as much about poverty;
If only people cared so much about social bias;
If only people cared so much about peace;
If only people cared so much as to help one in need;
As they care about giving a little MORE sugar;
How sweet this world would be indeed!

[Poetry] And Then You Die

Have a car? One day it might break down;
Have a house? One day a quake can uproot it;
Have a family? One day they may leave you;
Have a job? On retirement you might be forgotten;
Have possessions? One day they may become worthless;
And then you die.

Every human builds their own eternity projects;
Some cause war to gain fame, others advocate peace;
Some prefer to give people freedom, others put them on leash;
Some write books to help, others accumulate wealth with deceit;
For they all know - this body will stop functioning one day;
And then you die.

What's your legacy? What have you done -
Apart from being consumed by life's trivialities?
What would you do that'd be everlasting?
What quake would you leave in your wake?
What is the one unique thing you would do?
What's one action, that'd set you apart from the rest?
For one day you too are going to die.

[Poetry] Free My Soul

Dear sky, open your bosom;
And receive my soul from earth;
I feel trapped inside a lifeline;
Which has neither joy nor mirth.

They say a soul chooses its lifeline;
But how can mine choose a life,
With no wealth, no support, no love,
No partner or friend except endless strife?

Am tired of pretending all is right;
My soul must have made a mistake;
Day in day out I meet more apathetic souls;
They and I fake smiles that look so fake.

Each night as I try to sleep, I dream,
Gulping pills together to free my soul -
From this bondage, with the soul rising up;
To blend with the higher light, its goal.

This night, let this dream come true;
Help me find pills that'd set my soul free;
Let an angel enter and be my guide;
And you sky open its bosom for me.

[Poetry] Affair At The Beach

Two souls I saw approaching each other;
Youths with no shoe, they had only got slipper;
The sun started setting, sinking deeper.

They took a handful of beach sand, made into ball;
Calling each other names I can’t recall;
Sand balls aimed at each other, gauging the direction of the fall.

Making each other dirty, they went for a bath;
Sea waves started rushing in, showing their wrath;
The sun continued sinking, deeper in its path.

They sang and danced together, made merry;
Few thirsty singles sitting around, with expressions to the contrary;
But ah, all that fun and love was so momentary!

Suddenly rang her phone, she stood at a distance from him, alone;
Then they bickered and turned backs, he uttered a moan;
And I believe after seeing them, even I have grown.

[Poetry] Finding Rest in Mumbai

Two thousand miles I traveled for peace;
For too much noise and shouting where I lived;
Too much negativity where hometown is.

Came by flight here, slept on three chairs;
Some bloke gave me whiskey and said, 'Cheers!';
Could not sleep so I left, they took money, who cares.

Found a room two miles away, shared by eight;
Sometimes they played very loud music;
Sometimes, over Wi-Fi or food, they had a fight.

Found another new place, crammed as first one;
Shared by a guy talking to his girl every night at two;
Attached to a toilet shared by fourteen.

Already fed up, nowhere to go, a truck driver
Got me another place, ridden with bed bugs,
And mosquitoes, for which he was the broker.

Found a fifth place, this was a very tiny dorm;
Had a plump old lady as my roommate, till a guy
Cajoled me to move where he stayed with his crazy mom.

Was ready to move to a village filled with creepy
Drunkards and beggars, until at last I found
The perfect room, where now I always feel sleepy.

[Poetry] Why Can’t I Get A Soulmate?

You know a strange thing happened. I was commenting on a video where a couple got married after meeting on Facebook. At first I commented, 'Love exists...in some corner of the earth...Very difficult to find.' then I just wrote a poem but it does not seem like i have written it, rather it seems like someone manipulated my hand and made me write it.

I met a wise old monk once;
I asked him, ‘Does true love exist?’
He smiled and said ‘Yes.’
I was rather surprised.

‘Why then I find love so elusive?
Why can’t I get a soulmate?
I find it difficult to find even one;
While close my friend has five.’

‘How is having five proof of love?
Ever asked him if those five love him?
Or does he love any of them?
Is he happy – have you asked him?

Love is a lot like the sand you hold;
Try holding five different kinds of sand;
They will all slip if you try hard and squeeze;
But will remain if you keep your palms open.

When you compare yourself with others;
You force yourself to become them;
You are not him so don’t compare;
Keep palms open for true love to enter.

One day you will definitely realize;
That no other person can love you;
The way you can love yourself;
That you are your own true soulmate.’

[Poetry] Don't Say Sorry

Don't Say Sorry:
For speaking up your mind;
It is your fundamental right.

Don't Say Sorry:
For what your forefathers did;
You're responsible only for YOUR actions.

Don't Say Sorry:
If you start crying suddenly;
Tears are the greatest healers of inner pain.

Don't Say Sorry:
For all the flaws you have;
You aren't alone: everyone has some.

Don't Say Sorry:
For choosing to live the WAY you want;
It is your birth right.

Don't Say Sorry:
For selfishly thinking about your end;
If you don’t, who else would?

Don't Say Sorry:
For exercising your right to say NO;
Else you risk being walked all over by others.

Do Say Sorry:
If you have intentionally hurt someone;
If one's suffering is directly proportional to your actions;
If you are so selfish that you cannot empathize with others;
If your lifestyle is harming someone;
If you can't keep your commitments;
If you are too lazy to even read this poem. :P

[Poetry] Prayer of a Depressed Soul

Dear universe, I am very grateful for:

Being passed on and ignored by everyone;
Being accused of doing things I never did;
All the hurt that has been bestowed on me;
All the failed love affairs I have experienced;
All the suspicious, judgmental and cruel people I’ve met;
All the people who never believed in me or valued me;
And parents who bequeathed me their apathy and negativity.

No grievance harbored against anyone now;
Since I know it is you universe who wanted me
To fail and suffer at every step;
But now, I just want you to grant me death;
For I have had enough of this earthly life;
Thank you for everything but I can bear it no more;
I am after all human, I need a break too.