[Poetry] I Am Strong

No more in cafes misery taunts me,
When sight of lovey-dovey couples haunts me;
No feeling sorry for having food and drink as my date;
No more feeling self-pity and cursing my fate.

No more the sight of joyful kids pinch me;
No more hunger for having a woman to kiss me;
No more ruing that I am the last in my family tree;
Nor desire of having close friends eager to meet me.

For I know now that I can be strong;
Strong enough to make it through with a song,
On my own, alone, without anyone's help;
I am strong enough to take care of myself.

No more I feel miserable thinking,
Relation with my cold parents sinking;
No more I feel jealous of people enjoying rum,
Who have someone saying they'll stick with them.

I don't need anybody, I have my phone;
If I arrived here alone and gotta leave alone,
Then being alone ain't such a bad deal;
Am able to take care of myself, is what I feel.

I talk alone, no need for anyone to show;
I can laugh and cry, alone, and when low,
I find my power within, without anyone’s help,
I am strong to take care of myself.

So what if none set me up with someone special?
So what if I never found a girl who is real?
No more grudges - perhaps it is destiny?
I am strong enough to be without anybody.

I know I will be on my own, alone, tonight;
I know I will be on my own, alone, next night;
Forever I will be on my own, with life I will fight;
I will again gather my strength and find my inner light.

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