[Poetry] And Then You Die

Have a car? One day it might break down;
Have a house? One day a quake can uproot it;
Have a family? One day they may leave you;
Have a job? On retirement you might be forgotten;
Have possessions? One day they may become worthless;
And then you die.

Every human builds their own eternity projects;
Some cause war to gain fame, others advocate peace;
Some prefer to give people freedom, others put them on leash;
Some write books to help, others accumulate wealth with deceit;
For they all know - this body will stop functioning one day;
And then you die.

What's your legacy? What have you done -
Apart from being consumed by life's trivialities?
What would you do that'd be everlasting?
What quake would you leave in your wake?
What is the one unique thing you would do?
What's one action, that'd set you apart from the rest?
For one day you too are going to die.

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