[Poetry] Dark Cave

In this dark cave I have lived my lonely life;
Only gateway to the world is a tiny door;
It was too small for me to let me outside;
Lonely life with my ant friends I live here.

I always saw people laughing outside;
Smiling, drinking and partying, as I could see;
I screamed for help, 'Get me outta here!';
So many hands flying outside, none for me.

On the verge of losing faith in humanity -
My ant friends been working day and night;
But they ain't enough to make this door -
Big enough to let me out, so I thought.

One day I was awakened by a light bigger;
I felt as though the sun's shone brighter;
Then I realized finally I could get out;
And all thanks to my tiny ants' vigor.

I felt silly and lonely outside even more;
Not one real soul here I can reach and talk to;
Met people icier than ice, emptier than balloons;
Dark cave is where I then buried myself into.

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