[Poetry] Depression

Don’t give a damn to nobody, roaming recklessly;
But this pain body inside me aches me constantly;
What’s it that fills my moments with restless anxiety,
Interferes with and clouds my rare moments of gaiety?

Out there are sun and moon, day and dark;
In world of form are rise and fall, men going berserk;
Pain body tells me, ‘Pain is the only constant in life,
You have fallen down low where agony is rife.’

We can fool everyone around us except ourselves;
Laugh loud but in pain and tears must hide ourselves;
Can’t tell no one, they’ll judge us weak, sympathy sucks;
Hard to find a shoulder to lean on, down in this dark abyss.

Been to every coach, therapy and workshop known;
On clueless shrinks I have had my fortune blown;
Found out the hard way after losing zest for life;
Accept, learn to live with it, or kill yourself.

[Poetry] Often into Uncertainty

Often I feel as though I haven’t lived life;
Often people successfully surprise me;
Often I look at a pigeon with wonder;
Often I feel there is no worth in life.

Often wonder where I was before mortality;
Often wonder where I will go after death;
Often wish I had someone by my side;
To help me bear, with this sad uncertainty.

Often a ray of sunshine out of smudge;
Pops up and gets drowned quickly in darkness;
Often a few flowers get thrown at me;
Only to change into thorns at my touch.

Darkness has descended again scornfully;
Am walking through it with courage and hope;
Someday soon at least, this journey will be over;
Death will hold my hand, bring about certainty.

[Poetry] Can You Survive?

You know you can survive;
When you feel nothing,
When you expect nothing,
And on nothing you can thrive.

You know you can survive;
When you're so focused on target,
Others' opinions fail to irritate,
Then you are truly alive.

You know you can survive;
When everybody else call you a failure,
When they dismiss your ideas as queer,
Yet you still retain your faith and drive.

[Poetry] Happy New Year 2019

Living with Past causes friction;
For Past limits our interaction;
New year means new resolution,
Getting started with right traction.

New year for me is writing a story,
And getting it made into movie;
Getting it done like I want it to be;
Wrap up, the whole shebang to a tee.

All those who thought I was a nobody;
I want to make sure all of them see;
Am better than what they’d thought me to be;
And finish it by setting my soul FREE.

[Poetry] When I Pull Off My Life's Plug

With every rejection I grow stronger;
Every setback sets me more determined;
So give me more setbacks, further rejections;
For every failure I go through makes me better!

Throw in some more tests my way;
Make life even more difficult for me;
You may be hostile or indifferent, dear Universe;
But care I not a damn about your sway!

I'm and will remain in control of my being;
I will do what I am born on earth for;
Would you be able to make me suffer still,
When I pull off my life's plug?

[Poetry] I Am Strong

No more in cafes misery taunts me,
When sight of lovey-dovey couples haunts me;
No feeling sorry for having food and drink as my date;
No more feeling self-pity and cursing my fate.

No more the sight of joyful kids pinch me;
No more hunger for having a woman to kiss me;
No more ruing that I am the last in my family tree;
Nor desire of having close friends eager to meet me.

For I know now that I can be strong;
Strong enough to make it through with a song,
On my own, alone, without anyone's help;
I am strong enough to take care of myself.

No more I feel miserable thinking,
Relation with my cold parents sinking;
No more I feel jealous of people enjoying rum,
Who have someone saying they'll stick with them.

I don't need anybody, I have my phone;
If I arrived here alone and gotta leave alone,
Then being alone ain't such a bad deal;
Am able to take care of myself, is what I feel.

I talk alone, no need for anyone to show;
I can laugh and cry, alone, and when low,
I find my power within, without anyone’s help,
I am strong to take care of myself.

So what if none set me up with someone special?
So what if I never found a girl who is real?
No more grudges - perhaps it is destiny?
I am strong enough to be without anybody.

I know I will be on my own, alone, tonight;
I know I will be on my own, alone, next night;
Forever I will be on my own, with life I will fight;
I will again gather my strength and find my inner light.

[Poetry] Go With the Flow

In writing and singing I am pro;
In dancing I am a big zero;
I know I can’t ever be a superhero;
So I just let go, go with the flow.

If you want, time can go waste;
Of others you can make jest;
I prefer to strengthen my chest;
Go with flow, do what I know best.

In life there is pain and pleasure;
Present time is your only treasure;
Get your past and future to measure;
Realize in your mind is all the pressure.

[Poetry] Dark Cave

In this dark cave I have lived my lonely life;
Only gateway to the world is a tiny door;
It was too small for me to let me outside;
Lonely life with my ant friends I live here.

I always saw people laughing outside;
Smiling, drinking and partying, as I could see;
I screamed for help, 'Get me outta here!';
So many hands flying outside, none for me.

On the verge of losing faith in humanity -
My ant friends been working day and night;
But they ain't enough to make this door -
Big enough to let me out, so I thought.

One day I was awakened by a light bigger;
I felt as though the sun's shone brighter;
Then I realized finally I could get out;
And all thanks to my tiny ants' vigor.

I felt silly and lonely outside even more;
Not one real soul here I can reach and talk to;
Met people icier than ice, emptier than balloons;
Dark cave is where I then buried myself into.

[Poetry] I Want MORE Sugar

My friend, what is life without some sweetness?
I love sugar, a bit more than most of my friends;
I love sugar, a bit more than the society I live in;
I want sugar, for I don’t wanna live a bitter life;
I love sugar, and a little MORE sugar causes no harm;
Gulping in sugar since a kid, I don’t want a sugarless life.

Sugar is what makes life worth living for me;
Sugar is quite cheap here as far as I know;
Yet why people are so tight-fisted about it, I dunno.
That every time I hop into some café and order coffee;
I have to shout ‘I Want MORE sugar’;
And they give me the kind of look as if I am an alien!

If only people worried as much about poverty;
If only people cared so much about social bias;
If only people cared so much about peace;
If only people cared so much as to help one in need;
As they care about giving a little MORE sugar;
How sweet this world would be indeed!

[Poetry] And Then You Die

Have a car? One day it might break down;
Have a house? One day a quake can uproot it;
Have a family? One day they may leave you;
Have a job? On retirement you might be forgotten;
Have possessions? One day they may become worthless;
And then you die.

Every human builds their own eternity projects;
Some cause war to gain fame, others advocate peace;
Some prefer to give people freedom, others put them on leash;
Some write books to help, others accumulate wealth with deceit;
For they all know - this body will stop functioning one day;
And then you die.

What's your legacy? What have you done -
Apart from being consumed by life's trivialities?
What would you do that'd be everlasting?
What quake would you leave in your wake?
What is the one unique thing you would do?
What's one action, that'd set you apart from the rest?
For one day you too are going to die.