[Poetry] Depression

Don’t give a damn to nobody, roaming recklessly;
But this pain body inside me aches me constantly;
What’s it that fills my moments with restless anxiety,
Interferes with and clouds my rare moments of gaiety?

Out there are sun and moon, day and dark;
In world of form are rise and fall, men going berserk;
Pain body tells me, ‘Pain is the only constant in life,
You have fallen down low where agony is rife.’

We can fool everyone around us except ourselves;
Laugh loud but in pain and tears must hide ourselves;
Can’t tell no one, they’ll judge us weak, sympathy sucks;
Hard to find a shoulder to lean on, down in this dark abyss.

Been to every coach, therapy and workshop known;
On clueless shrinks I have had my fortune blown;
Found out the hard way after losing zest for life;
Accept, learn to live with it, or kill yourself.

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