[Poetry] The New Me

Today I feel like a new me arisen from old rubble
Of all the evil and abuse I underwent;
The fast lanes of life's changed me,
I am living life anew, going through the motions

When the going got tough and tougher,
I said,
'I will turn me now,

The trollings, the bashings
On Twitter or Facebook;
Shake me no more,
This is the new me, I can't be bothered.

My ex-half posted pictures online
Of our most sacred intimacy;
To get even with me, or so I thought,
The person I'd loved once, can be so heartless?

When the going got tough and tougher,
I said,
'I will turn me now,

That spouse who never cared
That person who left me for someone new
What care did that half have for me then?
Why should I care about that half now?

I write few lines now at night
Got a new day job to do - a fight;
But I know I am happier now,
Got my old feelings back - for somebody new.

Like the old banyan trunk, mature and strong
That cannot be moved or bent;
I too have gotten thick-skinned now, my bones stronger,
You can't criticize me no more, move me to tears!

I am no more vulnerable as I was
No more I wear my emotions on my face;
Life is all about moving on, I've learned,
This is the new me - the old me is dead now.

When the going gets tough again,
I said,
'I will turn me now,

[Poetry] Writing For NanoWrimo

Going to write again for Nanowrimo,
For writing is my affliction.
My aim is to become an indie-author-supremo,
Am in need of some motivation.

My next could be a comedy,
Or it could be something full of action.
What would it be would it be, I know not,
All I know is I need some motivation.

It could be the next masterpiece,
Or to the enormous filth just another addition.
Doubtful that the outcome is in my hands,
But I DO know I need some motivation.

So many join it, with so much great hope,
But how many can make it ever to completion?
I would rather not be in that group o friend,
That's why I need some motivation!

So send me your attaboys now if you will,
Help me with a few words of appreciation.
For every drop in the bucket counts my friend,
The least I expect from you is some motivation!