[Poetry] The Blind Can See

The glamour of a string of pearls,
Or the fine lines of a tree birch,
What are they to a man who's lost his eyes?
They are all but same!

Seen a blind fella on the street?
Why would you trouble yourself to describe,
The effervescence of the nature around?
When you think it'd be so lame?

Do you honestly think the blind is any less than you?
Can you feel your way up to nickels and dimes?
Enjoy music the way they do?
Do you still think being blind is such a shame?

Does the olive that give peace have eyes?
Can the sunshine and rainwater that nourish you,
Or the cave salamander of slender frame?

If powers make a man,
If eyes are not the most powerful sense we have,
Then the blind have far greater powers to claim,
Being a blind is no shame!