[Poetry] Writing For NanoWrimo

Going to write again for Nanowrimo,
For writing is my affliction.
My aim is to become an indie-author-supremo,
Am in need of some motivation.

My next could be a comedy,
Or it could be something full of action.
What would it be would it be, I know not,
All I know is I need some motivation.

It could be the next masterpiece,
Or to the enormous filth just another addition.
Doubtful that the outcome is in my hands,
But I DO know I need some motivation.

So many join it, with so much great hope,
But how many can make it ever to completion?
I would rather not be in that group o friend,
That's why I need some motivation!

So send me your attaboys now if you will,
Help me with a few words of appreciation.
For every drop in the bucket counts my friend,
The least I expect from you is some motivation!