[Poetry] The Trees Fell and I Did Nothing

Up in the hilly resort,
I was traveling in an Uber.
We were blocked halfway through the journey;
We sat and watched… and did nothing.

The trees fell, one, two three;
I watched in dismay, as they were laughing and yelling;
I wanted to yell too, to stop them;
But then I saw axes in their hands…and did nothing.

We waited for half an hour straight,
Until the driver finally got out.
I thought he was going to stop them,
But he got out only to ask them to clear out…and nothing.

They cut the three trees into halves, put them on to big trucks;
It was not for business but for a huge Indian festival, they said;
The police station was not too far away but they did nothing;
I turned blind eye too; they were eight… could we do anything?

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