[Poetry] Finding Rest in Mumbai

Two thousand miles I traveled for peace;
For too much noise and shouting where I lived;
Too much negativity where hometown is.

Came by flight here, slept on three chairs;
Some bloke gave me whiskey and said, 'Cheers!';
Could not sleep so I left, they took money, who cares.

Found a room two miles away, shared by eight;
Sometimes they played very loud music;
Sometimes, over Wi-Fi or food, they had a fight.

Found another new place, crammed as first one;
Shared by a guy talking to his girl every night at two;
Attached to a toilet shared by fourteen.

Already fed up, nowhere to go, a truck driver
Got me another place, ridden with bed bugs,
And mosquitoes, for which he was the broker.

Found a fifth place, this was a very tiny dorm;
Had a plump old lady as my roommate, till a guy
Cajoled me to move where he stayed with his crazy mom.

Was ready to move to a village filled with creepy
Drunkards and beggars, until at last I found
The perfect room, where now I always feel sleepy.

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