[Poetry] The Embers of Past

How can you move forward
If you keep the embers of past fanned?
Forgetting the past enables man to sow -
A FRESH NEW seed with his hand.
You cannot undo what you have done;
You cannot turn back clock of time;
Is it not then sensible to completely douse
The embers you've inherited from past?

If you could turn back the clock of time;
Revisit the past and done things different;
If you won't have made the mistakes you did;
Would the outcome be different?
If not, what do you get out of scalding your palm
With the hot embers of past?
If yes, what is it that stops you
From doing things DIFFERENTLY now?

Choosing and sowing mediocre seeds;
Is what many a novice farmer does;
What you did was not anything novel;
Heartbreak was your inevitable destiny.
Now you have this beautiful new green sapling,
From a BETTER seed growing up under your care;
Are you sure stirring up those embers time and again
Won't burn this sapling down?

Douse the embers of past to see the present;
That's about the only way to move ahead.
You can use your palms
To turn that tiny sapling into a rich fruit bearing tree;
But you can't - if your palm is wounded by embers of past.
Making foolish mistakes in the past was not your fault;-
But using those mistakes
As excuses to ruin the present will surely be!

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