[Poetry] Affair At The Beach

Two souls I saw approaching each other;
Youths with no shoe, they had only got slipper;
The sun started setting, sinking deeper.

They took a handful of beach sand, made into ball;
Calling each other names I can’t recall;
Sand balls aimed at each other, gauging the direction of the fall.

Making each other dirty, they went for a bath;
Sea waves started rushing in, showing their wrath;
The sun continued sinking, deeper in its path.

They sang and danced together, made merry;
Few thirsty singles sitting around, with expressions to the contrary;
But ah, all that fun and love was so momentary!

Suddenly rang her phone, she stood at a distance from him, alone;
Then they bickered and turned backs, he uttered a moan;
And I believe after seeing them, even I have grown.

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