[Poetry] Don't Say Sorry

Don't Say Sorry:
For speaking up your mind;
It is your fundamental right.

Don't Say Sorry:
For what your forefathers did;
You're responsible only for YOUR actions.

Don't Say Sorry:
If you start crying suddenly;
Tears are the greatest healers of inner pain.

Don't Say Sorry:
For all the flaws you have;
You aren't alone: everyone has some.

Don't Say Sorry:
For choosing to live the WAY you want;
It is your birth right.

Don't Say Sorry:
For selfishly thinking about your end;
If you don’t, who else would?

Don't Say Sorry:
For exercising your right to say NO;
Else you risk being walked all over by others.

Do Say Sorry:
If you have intentionally hurt someone;
If one's suffering is directly proportional to your actions;
If you are so selfish that you cannot empathize with others;
If your lifestyle is harming someone;
If you can't keep your commitments;
If you are too lazy to even read this poem. :P

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