[Poetry] Mamma, Your Boy's Down

Mamma, your boy is well,
He is calm and he's swell;
A real gift from God,
You made him, won't you take him abode?

"Doesn't he pull anyone's ears anymore?
Doesn't he push anybody down?
Do your kids still call him 'ape-eared'?
Do they still treat him as dull?

He ain't a gift, but he is my boy still,
I will take him back when I FEEL."

Mamma, your flesh and blood, so playful,
Waiting for you to get him, real sweet angel;
He is mellow now - don't you love him?
You made him, won't you take him home?

"Thought I'd have a sweet little baby.
Thought I was blessed I had him;
I wish I had got my womb scrutinized,
I wish I had not had him and gone for the kill.

I am no fool and he ain't no gift,
But he is my boy and will take him when I FEEL."

He cries - 'Mamma! Won't I get her love?'
Don't you believe in heaven above?
God blessed you with such a sweet angel,
You HAD him, you MUST take him to your domicile.

"Why such hurry? Your job's not done yet,
You said you'd keep him for forty weeks,
It's not even ten yet - why the hurry?
He is calm and sweet as angel, so what's the big deal?

I KNOW he ain't a gift, but he is my boy still,
I will take him back ONLY when I FEEL."

He pulls my boy's ears, gets his snot-nose hit in turn,
Snores badly at night, kills our sleep;
That little devil plucks every flower in my garden,
You made him, why the hell not take him to your haven?

He grabs my girl's braids as if his toys,
Swirls her round as if his play;
That hellion's plucked so much of my flowers and hair,
Mamma your boy's down, you MUST take him to your lair!

"Then your job's not done yet,
Love him, love him more, he needs you;
Ignore his little pranks and quirks,
He is angel after all, a gift from God, as you say with zeal.

I do know he ain't an angel, but he is my boy still,
Here I hang up but will sure take him back if I FEEL."

[Poetry] The New Me

Today I feel like a new me arisen from old rubble
Of all the evil and abuse I underwent;
The fast lanes of life's changed me,
I am living life anew, going through the motions

When the going got tough and tougher,
I said,
'I will turn me now,

The trollings, the bashings
On Twitter or Facebook;
Shake me no more,
This is the new me, I can't be bothered.

My ex-half posted pictures online
Of our most sacred intimacy;
To get even with me, or so I thought,
The person I'd loved once, can be so heartless?

When the going got tough and tougher,
I said,
'I will turn me now,

That spouse who never cared
That person who left me for someone new
What care did that half have for me then?
Why should I care about that half now?

I write few lines now at night
Got a new day job to do - a fight;
But I know I am happier now,
Got my old feelings back - for somebody new.

Like the old banyan trunk, mature and strong
That cannot be moved or bent;
I too have gotten thick-skinned now, my bones stronger,
You can't criticize me no more, move me to tears!

I am no more vulnerable as I was
No more I wear my emotions on my face;
Life is all about moving on, I've learned,
This is the new me - the old me is dead now.

When the going gets tough again,
I said,
'I will turn me now,

[Poetry] What's in Your Cup?

[Please Ask Later]

I called, PAL A, 'What are you drinking tonight?'
HE said, 'Café au lait', with much delight.
He said he'd gone to her woman's,
On an invite.

I took out my bottle,
Found it empty
Ran toward the kitchen then,
To turn on the faucet and get a fill!

Called PAL B then, 'What occupies your cup tonight?'
She said, 'Shroom juice, to make myself reignite!'
She said she'd gone to her man's,
And was staying there overnight.

I wonder why not get a little of that juice,
Let myself a little loose?
But here I am, standing and thinking,
My bottle is filling still!

Called my step Pa at last, 'What's in your cup tonight?'
'Green tea son. Are ya alright?'
He hung up, without waiting for my answer,
I thought this conversation was most trite!

Checked my cabinets, there was neither tea nor coffee,
Should I ask my Pa in that other house, should I plea?
My bottle started overflowing then, saltless and tasteless sink water,
I am drinking it now, what else could there be for me?

[Poetry] Getting Rid of The Country

Someone out there,
Says the countryside is fine and fair,
But not me, I am all alone here, deeply disgruntled!

But then I think I deserve it all,
All the hate, all the frustrations, all the gall,
That I feel inside, for I prefer being lazy and settled!

The bushes, the forests NOT what I am after,
Large trees I hate to pass by, though they offer birds shelter,
Don't! I just don't wanna live here anymore, nettled!

For the buses, the chaos, the hustle bustle,
Are what attract me, love to see damsels in trouble,
Love the confusion, that's where I wanna get settled!

But then I think I deserve it all,
For have I ever been industrious, in summer or fall?
So I guess I must remain in this ****ass country all life, nestled!

Was offered a job at a mall but declined,
Was told by mom to 'WORK! EARN!' but I reclined,
Who else can I blame then, for living here, scuttled?

Peace and quiet do not belong to my taste,
But this is where my home is, where I must rest,
Or I have the choice to live on city's sidewalk, unsettled!

[Poetry] Daisy

Hello Daisy,
What worries ye?
Take it easy,
Oh, let's see what is it that engages your eye!

Oh Daisy, my sweet and charming Daisy,
Black, White, Green, And...I know how choosy are ye!
Perusing all those fifty different shades, so actively?
Let's see...ah, I see you have chosen your fav as grey!

Remember those days, when I got up early to meet ya?
I admired you so much, in that polka-dotted red frock.
You'd come oh so late, chat few moments, and say 'Cya!'
Did I ever knew it hid a heart so black?

You never cared for nobody, what worry can you have now?
You, always so bejeweled, one could hardly see the skin!
How else could I be defrauded, by mind so shallow,
And thoughts so thin?

Daisy, Oh Daisy, had I not been such a fool -
Had I not been such an awful sissy,
One who was always at your beck and call -
Might have I known then, seduction is so easy-peasy!

Even if not Beautiful, even if not Unearthly,
Had I been so Dominating, so Grey,
Had I used you, and abused you, the way you did to me,
Could you O Daisy leave me then so easy?

Farewell to you o heartless witch,
Fairer maidens are they whose inner charm hold the sway!
Know ye, it takes but little to make a heart switch,
While you ponder upon your storybook wedding day, I am on my sweeter way...