[Poetry] Questions For The Universe

Why is this journey of life so ABSURD?
Why do we meet people we don’t want to meet?
And never or seldom meet those we so much yarn to?
Is life CONTROLLED by us or you?

Is it being part of a happy gang because we have none of our own?
What is SADNESS?
Is it wailing alone locked up because we have no one to share it with?

Are the strings of our life in your hands?
Is life CONTROLLED by you and only you?
If so then why do we hold others responsible for our happiness or misery?
When any of it was never in their hands or ours?

If this be the meaning of life and the real essence of living;
If we are fated to walk or crash in this world only by YOUR will;
Then how is such a life worth living?
Then what is it worth at all even if the whole world lies at our feet?

P.S.: I found the answers here.

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