[Poetry] Mamma, Your Boy's Down

Mamma, your boy is well,
He is calm and he's swell;
A real gift from God,
You made him, won't you take him abode?

"Doesn't he pull anyone's ears anymore?
Doesn't he push anybody down?
Do your kids still call him 'ape-eared'?
Do they still treat him as dull?

He ain't a gift, but he is my boy still,
I will take him back when I FEEL."

Mamma, your flesh and blood, so playful,
Waiting for you to get him, real sweet angel;
He is mellow now - don't you love him?
You made him, won't you take him home?

"Thought I'd have a sweet little baby.
Thought I was blessed I had him;
I wish I had got my womb scrutinized,
I wish I had not had him and gone for the kill.

I am no fool and he ain't no gift,
But he is my boy and will take him when I FEEL."

He cries - 'Mamma! Won't I get her love?'
Don't you believe in heaven above?
God blessed you with such a sweet angel,
You HAD him, you MUST take him to your domicile.

"Why such hurry? Your job's not done yet,
You said you'd keep him for forty weeks,
It's not even ten yet - why the hurry?
He is calm and sweet as angel, so what's the big deal?

I KNOW he ain't a gift, but he is my boy still,
I will take him back ONLY when I FEEL."

He pulls my boy's ears, gets his snot-nose hit in turn,
Snores badly at night, kills our sleep;
That little devil plucks every flower in my garden,
You made him, why the hell not take him to your haven?

He grabs my girl's braids as if his toys,
Swirls her round as if his play;
That hellion's plucked so much of my flowers and hair,
Mamma your boy's down, you MUST take him to your lair!

"Then your job's not done yet,
Love him, love him more, he needs you;
Ignore his little pranks and quirks,
He is angel after all, a gift from God, as you say with zeal.

I do know he ain't an angel, but he is my boy still,
Here I hang up but will sure take him back if I FEEL."

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