[Poetry] LONELINESS My Friend

All my life locked in my lonely cocoon;
Lonely in cafes, lonely in bars, lonely at home;
Lonely on sidewalks, lonely with buddies;
Loneliness is now my only close friend.

Had parents who acted as if I don’t exist;
Met women who treated me as The Invisible;
Had clients who thought I am dispensable;
Loneliness has been loyal and indulgent to me.

Teachers said I am no good, coaches gave destiny talk;
Some told me not to accept loneliness, I deserve more;
Perhaps that is why I have nobody and nothing;
And those who deserve nothing have found everything.

Met souls who were unhappy being with people;
Seen those who always have a partner riding the pillion;
Talked with peeps who had partners but now happily single;
Learned that you can never get away from loneliness.

Perhaps I am made to be The Lonely Doe;
Born to exemplify the pinnacle of loneliness;
Happiness and sadness are both but transient;
Loneliness is my only constant, omniscient friend.

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